Shawn Church

Shawn Church is the founder and CEO of Church Automotive Testing (CAT).

Before deciding to enter the automotive industry full time with the founding of CAT, Shawn pursued a variety of interests and career paths.  He graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (specializing in semiconductor technology) from the University of Arizona and first in class with an MBA from Pepperdine’s Graziadio School of Management.

Shawn began his technology career as an engineer with Intel, moving through several different job titles and positions, until he left in 1996 to pursue his MBA.  After receiving his MBA, he and several classmates started LiquidMarket, Inc. an internet search and aggregation provider.  Eventually, LiquidMarket was sold to, which later became NBC Internet.

After the sale of LiquidMarket, Shawn returned to teach as an adjunct at Pepperdine, while also undertaking professional speaking engagements and consulting for Southern California businesses in various industries.

It was during his time consulting that Shawn became more active with the local road racing scene.  While Shawn had been active in the Honda community since 1994 with his role at The Temple of VTEC (, it was his engagement in road racing that led him towards engine tuning.  While attempting to find tuners for his Acura Integra, Honda CRX and Honda S2000, Shawn became increasingly frustrated with the level of knowledge, expertise and service available in the rapidly growing dyno tuning market.  Unable to find someone to provide tuning to his standards, Shawn decided to learn how to tune his own cars – a largely self-taught process in the days before you could find a class or even a degree program related to engine tuning.  After a couple years of learning how to tune (which involved plenty of mistakes – the best way to learn), Shawn decided to buy a dyno and start Church Automotive Testing in 2002.

Since then, CAT has been on an upward trajectory.  Starting with one dyno in a 1800 sq ft garage, CAT grew to 8500 sq ft and 2 Dynapacks in 2005, and then to 3 Dynapacks in 2010.  In 2011, Shawn and CAT employee Daniel Butler partnered up to form Church Dyno Testing, Inc. in Las Vegas, NV to provide dyno tuning services to the underserved Nevada market.  Shawn has also teamed up with to offer online training for aspiring tuners around the world.

Shawn currently drives a supercharged Honda S2000 and a Cadillac CTS-V