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General Fees:
  • General Engine Management Tuning Hourly Rate (if your car/system no listed under flat rate pricing) – $270/hr
  • Non-Engine Management Tuning (carbs, disti, etc) – $220/hr
  • General Dyno rental (CAT mounts and operates car, owner or owners rep tunes car) – $200/hr
  • Half Day Dyno Rental (4 hours, paid in full even if all time is not used) – $700
  • Full Day Dyno Rental (8 hours, paid in full even if all time is not used) – $1200
  • Additional vehicle fee (Half or Full day rental includes one vehicle mounting – each additional vehicle is $30)
  • Baseline Test 2 wheel drive vehicles – $80
  • Baseline Test all wheel drive vehicles – $120
  • Leaded Fuel Oxygen Sensor fee (if you are running leaded race gas, it will degrade our wideband O2 sensors – you can pay the fee or purchase and provide your own wideband sensor, call for the part number – this will pay for itself after just 1 tune)  – $50

NOTE: If you do not see your vehicle or system listed under the flat rate pricing list, you will be billed at the appropriate hourly rate

General Flat Rate Pricing for All Vehicles (rates do not include manual cam gear tuning, boost control tuning, etc):
  • Fuel controllers (SAFC/VAFC/etc.) – $350
  • All Piggybacks (Gredddy emanage/emanage blue, AEM FIC, etc.) – $500
  • Boost controller tuning (no ecu/piggyback, just boost control) – $200
  • AEM Infinity – $800 minimum (contact a CAT representative to discuss price quotes)

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