General Motors

HP Tuners/EFI Live
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General Motors (97-up except Trailblazer SS):
  • HP Tuners or EFILive (preferred solution depends upon vehicle and/or customer preference – contact CAT for more details).  Includes ECU license. Base Fee – $600
Additional Surcharges:
  • Dual map conversion and tune (customer must wire switch to ECU – 2nd map can be for race gas, nitrous, economy, etc.) – $200
  • Flex Fuel upgrade (E38, E67 and some other ECUs – customer must have sensor installed) – $200
  • Operating system conversion (speed density, boost upgrade, etc.) – $200
  • Factory boosted vehicles (CTS-V, Cobalt SS, CTS-Vsport, ATS 2.0, etc.) – $200
  • Separate Nitrous Map (if no dual map option) – $200

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