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If you’re serious about engine performance, then you already know that dynamometer testing and tuning is an essential component in optimizing power, drivability, economy and durability.
Whether you just want to see where your stock car comes in from the factory, or need to retune for some new parts, or you’re a parts manufacturer looking to perform R&D on a new product, you need dyno testing.  And for the best results, you need to the expertise of Church Automotive Testing.  We  have 3 separate dynos a Dynapack 2000 (500 hp) and 2 Dynapack 4000s (1300 hp), which  may be combined into a single AWD unit with power handling capacity of up 1800 hp.  Whatever your vehicle, Church Automotive Testing has the capacity(and experience) to dyno test and tune it!
Church Automotive Testing provides dyno services 7 days a week by appointment only.  If you need more information, please look around the site.  If you’re ready to dyno, please call or email for our next available appointment.


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