Ososik Medias: Sally (701 HP S2000)

What started as a daily street build, turned into a 701hp monster. When Nick of Ososik Media first came to us for tuning his 2006 turbo S2000 it was for a video build he wanted to create. Our purpose in the video was to help bring to life an originally built “fuel economy” car and turn it into a “super car” while still maintaing reliability and drivability. Originally on CA 91 pump gas the S2000 made 545hp which then led to one thing…How much more could we get with this simple set up?

Then came the race gas and more tuning which hit an incredible 801 hp on a t3 67mm turbo. Since the car was still a street car we decided to stop there. Nick was able to take the car to a couple events from drag racing to a 1/2 mile event which made us all realize the true potential of the S2000. Hitting a 10.8 on street tires was nice but a chance to compete against 1,000+ super cars feels so much better. So for 2015 we are continuing support of “Sally” where you will see the car¬†transform from a daily street car to a track safe super car!


Stay Tuned…